Flu Shots

Health Fair NYC ensures that all blood screenings and flu shots are delivered by groups that are properly licensed by your State Health Department for corporate clinics. “One sick employee can easily spread the flu virus to 5% of your workforce,” says John Buckley. “But without protecting your employees with flu vaccinations 10 to 15% is a more realistic number.” With many corporations choosing to forgo their flu vaccination programs this year many more commuters are likely to become sick with the flu and spread it to other commuters.

This increases the possibility of flu related losses at corporations. “In today’s economy,” Buckley warns, “you can’t afford for employees to be sick and/or unproductive for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. One employee who becomes sick with the flu loses a minimum of 2 weeks of work and has an additional 2 to 3 weeks of reduced production as they try to recover, as they handle their backlogged and often feel groggy for a few weeks as they try to catch up.”

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