Health Fair Benefits

The Corporate Health Fair industry is a relatively new industry. It began back in the late 1980’s with a few doctors offices offering health fairs & lectures as a way of gaining new patients for their practice. Doctors learned that by offering educational lectures and screenings to corporate employees they would create more demand for their services and grow their business. Demand for these programs increased very slowly as corporations learned that a health and wellness program, when professionally organized into an educational and fun event could: Improve Performance Reduce Absenteeism Lower, or slow, the excessive annual increases in the cost of health insurance Become used as an employee benefit, showing employees the company cares about their wellbeing Increase Morale In 2000 corporate health and wellness fairs began to become very popular.

Corporations started incorporating health fairs into their employee benefits programs realizing that healthy employees cost their company less money due to: Fewer Sick Days Less Medical Claims with fewer new illnesses Decreased long-term medical costs as a result of fewer Chronic Illnesses Employers also began to realize that healthy employees: Tend to be more Productive; Tend to be Happier and more Satisfied with their jobs; Have more Energy and Stamina; Tend to be more Creative; Have Less Distractions and have better Focus on their jobs.

As Health Care Costs Spiraled Out Of Control employers now get back to basics. Healthier employees with healthier families cost less to insure. Now employers are looking for: Long term wellness programs Provable — Return on Investment wellness initiatives Behavioral Change Driven Wellness Wellness programs that will engage ALL EMPLOYEES and their families regardless of location Health Fair NYC is your One Source for All of Your Corporate Health and Wellness needs.

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