In-Network Policy

Health Fair NYC guarantees 100% pre-screened and confirmed in-network* medical providers. All of Health Fair NYC’s medical exhibitors will be in-network* with your medical insurance plan(s), guarding against your health insurance premiums being increased. ADDITIONAL PROTECTION ONLY FOUND WITH IN-NETWORK PROVIDERS When a medical doctor becomes part of an insurance company’s network they are agreeing to the regulations, treatment specifications and professional assurances of that insurance company.

Many of the professional standards that your insurance company requires are there to protect your company and your employees financially and medically. These same safeguards are not in place for medical doctors that have not been preselected to be an in-network provider by your insurance company. Unlike Health Fair NYC: most health fair companies only work with out-of-network exhibitors because they tend to be strong solicitors for new business and are easy to book for corporate events. These health fair companies view the exhibitor as their main client as the exhibitor will pay them thousands of dollars to get them into corporate events.

Health Fair NYC is the only health fair company who will guarantee in-network* medical exhibitors for all of your health fairs nationally. OUR IN-NETWORK EXHIBITOR GUARANTEE *We Guarantee that at least one (1) provider from each of the following medical specialties that attends your health fair, if they attend your health fair to represent that specific specialty, will be in-network with your insurance plan. Specialties that this guarantee applies to are: Podiatry, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Dentistry, Internal Medicine.

This guarantee does not apply to your company sponsored exhibitors, exhibitors that you ask us to invite on your behalf or any exhibitors that are not specifically contracted with us any medical practice that you have a prior working relationship. The in-network provider is chosen based on the information you give us about your insurance plan and based on your insurance company’s in-network physician listings. If you have multiple medical plans, we will make sure there is a medical doctor at the practice that is in-network with at least one of your plans.

The doctor who attends your Health Fair may not necessarily be the In-Network doctor, when contacting the practice for an appointment your employees need to be sure to schedule with the physician that is in-network with your plan. Note: It is your employee’s responsibility to request in-network services at any medical practice that they visit. They cannot just assume that they will receive in-network care at any physician's practice. We will send you a Quick Reference Guide which lists at least one in-network doctor at the medical practice from each of your exhibitors that attend your event. Please disseminate this list to your employees to help to alleviate any confusion.

Why do we guarantee one physician at each practice? Because, not all doctors in a given practice participate in the same Health Insurance plans or Networks. Most physicians work in practices/clinics/hospitals with other physicians. Many practices participate in all insurance networks by having their physicians split the in-network options with each insurance provider. We can in no way guarantee what your employees will do; therefore, we cannot guarantee that your employees will choose an in-network doctor for treatment.

What your employees choose to do and where they choose to receive medical care is beyond our control. We can only assist by making in-network physicians available at each practice as outlined above. Please email this “Quick Reference Guide” out your employees and make this list available at the health fair so your employees are reminded to choose in-network care. It is your responsibility to disseminate this information to your employees just as it is your employee's’ responsibility to choose service from in-network providers.

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