Interactive Exhibitors

Health Fair NYC’s slogan is that “We will Only Book the Right Exhibitor for the Right Event”. This screening policy has been developed from 10 years of industry experience. Our screening and exhibitor contracting policies take the guess work out of booking exhibitors. We purposely make it difficult for an exhibitor to work with us and we make them adhere to a 12 point Exhibitor Code of Conduct to make sure that they will be a good fit for your organization.

We even have a stiff financial penalty for failure to adhere to Health Fair NYC’s good exhibitor practices. Health Fair NYC verifies that each medical exhibitor is In-Network* prior to contracting with them to attend your event. We have access to all of the insurance company’s web-sites and verify all of our exhibitors are active participants in your specific insurance network and are in good standing with your medical insurance company.

Why In-Network Exhibitors Are Crucial For The Success Of Your Event/ Health Fair NYC also ensures that our corporate clients will not be stalked after an event by any Health Fair NYC exhibitor. We can become the go-between for all of your wellness needs. By working with Health Fair NYC to book all of your in-house exhibitors, screenings and lectures you protect yourself and your company from the IMPLIED ENDORSEMENT of booking your own exhibitors.

You do not want to be directly involved with a dispute between one of your employees and a health, wellness or fitness provider that you personally invited into your organization. Being an independently owned and operated corporate health & wellness coordination corporation, Health Fair NYC insulates you from those potential problems. Learn How Implied Endorsement Can Create Legal Problems for Your Corporation/ We periodically hear about potential exhibitors who we have “screened-out” of an event who call the corporation sponsoring the health fair and try to work their way into the event. This confirms that our pre-screening policies were accurate. We would rather err on the side of caution and ensure that each event is problem free, before, during and long after the event is over.

We also run into Exhibitors Specialists who make their living solely from the business that they acquire from corporate employees. On the surface they often appear to be mild mannered physicians who will say they are just there to “donate their time” or to “give free screenings to the community”.

Some physicians are sincere in their efforts to give back to the community; but unfortunately, others use this tact to manipulate themselves into corporations. Health Fair NYC has identified many of these exhibitor specialists and have screened the insincere ones out of all of our programs. Health Fair NYC has been screening exhibitors and medical screening providers for over a decade. This is one of the many things that we do best and is why you should insist on working with an Independently Owned Professional Corporate Health and Wellness Fair Coordination Company. *Check out our In-Network Guarantee for details.

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