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Health Fair NYC starts coordinating your Corporate Health Fair or Corporate Wellness Event within one week after your completed paperwork is received. You will be working with a Professional Corporate Event Planner. We have coordinated and delivered thousands of employee wellness events across the nations. This invaluable experience has enabled us to hone our health fair coordination skills have been down to a science. Your corporate health and wellness events may be one of the most visible events that you will host for your employees.

It is crucial that you do it right as there is little room for error when your entire company will be invited to attend. Your corporate health programs should be designed to reduce stress, not increase stress. Great Health Fair Planning with a professional event management company requires plenty of time. For example, you would not plan a wedding or an executive retreat in 2 weeks. You know that if you did something is sure to go wrong. You may not get the best entertainment, you may not be able to book the executive suites etc.

Your company and your employees deserve the best corporate events that you can get and Health Fair NYC will deliver that for you. In order for Health Fair NYC to coordinate a professional health fair(s) for your company we require enough time to do our magic. Typically we require a ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks lead-time to coordinate an event outside of Manhattan and six (6) to eight (8) weeks to coordinate an event inside Manhattan.

There are health fair providers who can give you a wellness event within a 2 week time frame. These are Doctor Owned health fair companies who will use your event to fill their offices with your employees. The reason they can give you an event in such short notice is that they just schedule the doctors from their office to show up for work at your office instead of theirs. You should only work with independently owned health fair companies who do not personally profit by the number of your employees that they can convince to come to their offices. After all, this is not how you promote a culture of health and wellness within your corporation,

it is promoting big medical insurance bills for your company after your event is over. Given enough time, Health Fair NYC will handle all of the details for your running your event(s) and will walk you through each step that you should take to create a fun, educational and impactful event for your employees. Health Fair NYC has scripted every item that needs to be addressed prior to your event. Our lists include the smallest details to make sure that nothing is overlooked.

We even address issues 2 hours prior to your event, as the event gets started and during your event. Health Fair NYC is committed to you and making your event a success. This is where Health Fair NYC’s 12+ years of experience really shines through. Health Fair NYC includes a professionally trained event coordinator at no charge for all NYC and many New Jersey and Connecticut events. We can arrange for a coordinator to be at your event in other parts of the country. Just call for details.

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